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You’ll be surprised at what Penguin can deliver!

Business supplies, we all need them… but do you know just how many products Penguin can bring you and how many businesses we support?

It’s all about making it easy for you, so you save some money and don’t have to shop around.

Here for a bit of fun we look at some of our more quirky items.

As you’ll see, there’s a lot more available than just business stationery!

Fish ‘n’ Chips

In most offices a steady stream of teas, coffees and snacks keeps the wheels in motion.

When it comes to the eats our Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips grab bags are a meal in themselves.

And to keep everyone sweet, we also have a range of flavoured Haribos.

Mug up

If you’re welcoming visitors into your office, you won’t want to give them their welcoming cup of quality coffee in an old chipped mug.

Our contemporary stylish and colourful mugs are just what you need, and if you really want to impress, we offer cup and saucer options too!

Any luggage sir?

Have you ever been to hotel and then, when the concierge wheels out the gold luggage trolley (that looks a bit like a giant crown), really want to have a ride on it but felt too old to ask? Well, we sell them!

White cotton gloves

Our 100% cotton white gloves are important for health and safety handling (protective equipment is an important part of our office supply offer) but they will they’ll also come in very handy if you want to perform some sleight of hand magic!

That’s a mega idea

Need to get your message across clearly?

Our megaphone with siren is probably best kept for emergency situations, but… well… you never know!

VIPs this way

Have you ever been to a celebration or celebrity event and wondered what goes on behind the red rope in the VIP area?

You can create your own with our Rope Stand and Ropes.

And if you’re not on the list, you’re not coming in!

How can we help?

We hope that our blog made you smile and also gave you an idea of just what we can do at Penguin Office Supplies.

And if there’s anything you need that is not listed on the website or in our catalogue, do give us a call.

It’s quite likely we’ll be able to find it for you!

Click here or call 0345 22 22 444 to place an order

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