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The changing face of the stationery cupboard

Have you ever looked at your desk and wondered where all your stuff went?

Over the past 30 years the way we work, and store information has completely transformed. From a bulky desktop computer, books, photographs, newspapers, magazines, post, papers, folders etc. to a laptop, phone and a number of apps that help you work smarter.

Companies often had a stationery cupboard, which was one of the most exciting rooms to go into with a plethora of notepads, printing paper, pencils, pens, paperclips, sticky notes and staplers. Ordering stationery was a weekly event and the stationery supplier would turn up with a sack truck to carry the reams of paper into the office. Some products people used to buy included fax cartridges, listing paper, an abundance of Tippex, are certainly a thing of the past. I remember the days when supplying Nescafe coffee and toilet rolls was a new thing to our industry, now they are in our top 10 selling products!

Fast forward to today and your friendly stationery supplier is still your go-to person for your office needs, but their offering has rapidly increased to support the changing needs of the modern working world.

Having a dedicated person to advise on things such as the best printer, desks, janitorial supplies and workwear is invaluable when you want to ensure that you are getting the most for your money and your staff are comfortable, therefore more productive.

Amazon is great, but faceless. Penguin is an extension of your business, working with you to ensure that your office supplies, furniture and facilities supplies are delivered to you when you need them and anticipating when you might be running low on items (I mean, no one wants to run out of tea and coffee do they?) and being someone to talk to when you are unsure what it is you need.

Not everyone is ready to give up their full desk and resort to using an app for everything. That is why Penguin continues to supply office supplies such as paper, notepads, pens and pencils. Ask the Penguin and they will deliver!

There is a great video that highlights how the office desk has changed over the last 30 years, you can watch it here >>

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