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Stay safe and warm with branded High Vis clothing

Camouflage has its uses, especially if you are bird watching or trying to hide from the children with a hot cup of tea but when working in dangerous situations the last thing you want is to be hidden from view.

High visibility clothing or more commonly referred to as Hi-Vis, is a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to keep you seen and safe in limited light and when partially obscured from sight. Hi Vis clothing prevents workplace accidents and injuries by ensuring that the workforce is highly visible to others working on site, mainly vehicle operators. Plus of course, it keeps you warm too, helping to support the wellbeing of your staff in the colder winter months.

Keeping you and your teams safe

Construction, builders, utility, electrical and warehouse workers to name just a few, need to be properly protected whilst at work. Hi Vis clothing should provide adequate protection for teams working both day and night, as well as in adverse weather conditions. When multiple teams are working together on a project and the clothing is properly branded, you can more easily identify your team and/or the person responsible.

The Personal Protective Equipment at work Act 1992 requires many factors to be taken into account to ensure that the correct clothing is chosen for a particular task. They look at the need to evaluate clothing suitability for the risk and job, if it is suitable for the wearer, compatibility with other forms of PPE and if there are any standards the clothing should meet. You can find out more information on the HSE website (

Not just for the workforce, high vis clothing is incredibly important to keep the public safe when enjoying leisure activities and is often used by runners, cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders, walkers and even dogs.

Hi Vis Clothing

There are two forms of hi vis clothing, colourful fluorescent elements that are made with special pigments, which are brighter than normal colours or reflective strips or tape made from materials that reflect light back to where it comes from.

The most popular form of Hi Vis clothing is the Hi Vis vest, easily worn over existing clothing to enhance visibility. There are also a wide range of high visibility trousers, coats, T-Shirts, fleeces, bags/rucksacks and also beanie hats too, to provide complete care for your employees.

High Vis clothing can be branded and named, making employees easily recognisable and enhance a company’s brand image. Plus the 100% recycled, environmentally friendly options for workwear including branded high visibility clothing ensures that both staff and the planet can be kept safe!

As a part of Penguins full product offering for businesses, we stock a full range of Hi Vis and PPE products, with either embroidered logos or printed logos to Hi Vis clothing. Not forgetting your office staff too, our branded workwear will not only boost morale but also keep them warm and cosy at work.

Have a look at what we can provide as we now have over 1 million products to choose from so if you can’t see what you are looking for please get in touch with us.


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