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Snow & Treacherous Icy Conditions Are Forecast! Are You Prepared?

Keep employees motivated, comfortable and safe with winter essentials from Penguin.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings of snow for many parts of the country. As temperatures remain low and challenging weather conditions are predicted, UK employers are being encouraged to keep their workforce comfortable in the cold temperatures, and safe whilst at work as well as on their commutes to and from the workplace. With snow and icy conditions forecast, have you everything in place to make sure you’re compliant with workplace health and safety legislation and that your employees and workplace visitors are comfortable and above all, safe?

The weather forecasters are predicting freezing temperatures, icy conditions and snow storms will brace the country over the course of the next few weeks. Have you, as an employer provided staff with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) to use whilst out on site? You’ll most likely be aware of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. This regulation states that employers must ensure staff, who are exposed to risks that affect their health and safety, have access to suitable personal protective equipment. Here at Penguin we’re proud to supply businesses with a range of quality PPE clothing including trousers and jackets, safety boots, wellingtons, socks, and waterproof workwear. To remain warm in sub-zero temperatures and protected from the elements, we can also provide you with items such as thermal hats, gloves, fleeces and body warmers. 

K-Free coffee machines

In addition to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, employees also have a general duty under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 which aims to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees whilst at work. Research suggests that employees are much more productive when they work in a warm office, indicating that cooler temperatures make employees unhappy, less eager to work, slower and more likely to make mistakes. Penguin are pleased to offer a practical solution! Supplying businesses with great value convection, oscillating, oil-filled and halogen heaters, we’ve all types of heating products to suit every office environment and budget. To stay warm, you might also want to make sure staff can enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee. We stock catering bags of teabags, sugar sachets, biscuits and instant coffee. We’re also pleased to stock our very own Java house coffee beans. For those looking to install a coffee machine, to be used by staff and visitors, we can also provide your business with a stylish K-Fee coffee machine and supply a variety of compatible pods, giving you convenient barista style coffee from the comfort of the office.

Another problem with the winter months is poor lighting. We understand the importance of remaining visible at all times in the workplace, which is why we can supply your business with a range of quality, high visibility clothing and outerwear. Penguin can also source torches, safety signs and high visibility cones, which are essential if you’re to be seen by people and traffic and remain safe whilst away from the office.

De-icer, snow shovels and grit bins play an important role in ensuring staff, as well as visitors to your workplace remain safe. Are your grit bins stocked with rock salt, have you equipment to clear snow from pathways and have you sufficient safety signage onsite to warm of potential slip and trip hazards?

Penguin Office Supplies is a one stop shop for all your business needs. Whether it’s snow shovels, grit bins, de-icer, or PPE, our aim is to supply you with everything your business might need during the winter months, saving you time and hassle browsing various stores or online sites for different products. We understand that compliance is essential, which is why we make it our priority to source stock quickly and deliver it to your door as soon as possible. In most cases, providing orders are placed before 5pm, products will be with you the very next working day, which is great for business productivity.

To browse our range of winter essentials, please visit the website For more for individual product enquiries please email or call the office on 0845 22 22 456. The team are also contactable through Penguin’s online chat function 09:00-17:30pm Monday to Friday.

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