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Reducing plastic waste in the workplace with Dropshot cleaning

Reducing plastic waste in the workplace with Dropshot cleaning

The drive to become more environmentally friendly in the workplace has never been stronger with increasing evidence that human behaviour is affecting climate change. Research suggests that as little as 9% of all plastic waste is recycled, while 79% is dumped in landfills, and Penguin Office are on a mission to reduce waste with our Dropshot cleaning range and save you some money along the way too!

You could have a commercial cleaning company or an organisation purchasing cleaning materials for the business, either way dropshot is a greener cleaning solution for your workplace:

Compact packaging

Whether it’s degreaser, cleaning sanitiser, toilet cleaner or any of the Dropshot cleaning range, our products are compact with a 70% reduction in packaging which means 37% more storage space.

Reusable spray bottles

Single use plastics have a significant impact on the environment and our Dropshot cleaning range uses reusable trigger spray bottles to help cut down plastic wastage.

100% Biodegradable and 100% Compostable

Our Dropshot cleaning range has water soluble cleaning sachets and packaging that is environmentally friendly. Sachets are designed to be dissolved into water for effective cleaning with no single-use plastic.

The Dropshot environmentally friendly cleaning range for the workplace is also cost effective too with water soluble cleaning sachets from only 40p and 80% cheaper than traditional cleaning products, compared against the average price of 750ml traditional cleaning solutions. Plus there’s no compromise on cleaning power as Dropshot cleaning is tough on viruses, pathogens and is fit for purpose in any workspace.

Having an environmentally friendly cleaning strategy in your workplace or as a commercial cleaning company, can contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibilities (C.S.R) integrating environmental concerns into business operations. Plus demonstrating your green credentials can also aid future investment and help you build a case for winning awards. Overall, the Dropshot cleaning range can aid your environmental strategy in a saturated marketplace and also gives you an exceptionally clean workplace too.

For more information about how to reduce plastic waste in the workplace, email Chris Hopkinson on or alternatively call 07827973001. But if you would like to get cracking and place an order today visit

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