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Penguin’s Shredding Services Support GDPR Compliance

Businesses need to be mindful of how they destroy confidential paper documents and archived data to avoid being fined penalties when new GDPR regulation comes into effect next month. Changes to the regulation mean individuals can now request their personal data held by a business to be deleted. This means businesses need to to have suitable procedures in place to remove sensitive paper documents and ensure compliance.

As well as supplying confidential shredding machines and accessories, Penguin Office Supplies can supply systemised office solutions to help streamline processes and save employee time. Besides document scanning equipment Penguin can supply state of the art filing solutions which as well as ensuring the safe management of confidential documentation, are systemised to allow customers to call off records quickly and easily should they need to. With regards to deleting personal data to comply with GDPR, the use of shredding machines to destroy paper documents on site is an effective, quick and relatively inexpensive solution. For those who aren’t keen to shred on site, Penguin Office Supplies offer a cost effective confidential shredding service through a trusted third-party partner. Compliant to BS EN 15713 shredding standards, financial data, HR documents and confidential waste papers can be collected from business UK wide within 72 hours of a request being made. A full certificate of destruction will be issued within 7 days of collection and gives customers of Penguin Office Supplies peace of mind that their sensitive data has been destroyed of appropriately and in compliance with data protection regulation.

Chris Hopkinson, Director of Penguin Office Supplies Ltd explains, “Penguin Office Supplies stock a number of high quality shredders from all the well-known brands including Fellowes, Intimus and Rexel. With so many to choose from I appreciate it’s hard for a business to know which shredder to select.” He adds, “Ordinary strip-cut shredders are fast shredders. They shred the document into strips which may not be the best option for those destroying highly confidential data. The cutting cylinders on cross cut and micro cut shredders not only cut the paper widthways, but lengthways too. This shreds paper into fine pieces which is much less recoverable and a more suitable option for those destroying confidential data. For those with incredibly sensitive documents, crypto shredders will shred a piece of paper into between 1500 and 3000 tiny dust like particles. These machines are often used by the governments and military.”

Under Article 17 of the GDPR, individuals have the right to request deletion or removal of their personal data whether or not there is compelling reason for its continued processing. Requests must be actioned without undue delay and at the latest within one month of receipt. Steps must be taken by businesses to ensure this data is removed promptly. As well as supplying confidential shredding machines and accessories, Penguin Office Supplies stock a variety of filing and storage solutions to help with the safe management of confidential documentation and files.

For more information about Penguin Office Supplies Ltd and their extensive range of shredding equipment or to talk through their confidential shredding services, please email or call 0345 22 22 444.

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