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Penguin Helps To Improve Employee Wellbeing With Ergonomic Furniture For The Workplace

Bromsgrove based Penguin Office Supplies is promoting the use of ergonomic furniture to help improve employee productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

According to the Health and Safety Executive website, 507,000 workers suffered from work-related musculoskeletal disorders, in the UK in 2016/17 which resulted in 8.9 million lost working days. For employees who work in offices, a large proportion of their time can be spent sat down. As well as aches and pains from sitting in the same position, there’s the risk that these workers develop repetitive strain injuries, and should they use office chairs with poor no back support, have an increased risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Penguin and the team is helping to improve employee wellbeing and productivity by providing ergonomic solutions for the workplace with the aim of ensuring employees remain as comfortable as possible over the course of the working day. Research suggests if a work station and working environment is ergonomically correct, employees will feel less fatigued, their concentration will improve as will their productivity and the standard of the work produced. Businesses will benefit as employees will be more engaged and there will be less absence, sickness and compensation claims attributed to poor workplace furniture.

Chris Hopkinson, Director of Penguin Office Supplies Ltd explains, “Owing to the focus in recent years on the adverse health effects of sitting for too long, sit-stand desks have been proposed as a way of limiting occupational sedentary time. These desks are becoming increasingly popular with employees, along with other ergonomically designed furniture that helps to improve posture and reduce repetitive strain”. He adds, “Besides improving concentration, productivity and quality of work, ergonomic furniture can improve office culture and help to reduce costs to a business associated with musculoskeletal disorders such as absence, sickness and compensation.”

A well as height adjustable sit stand desks and frames which can be used to add movement to an employee’s day, Penguin Office Supplies stock a vast array of supportive chairs in a number of styles and colours that are designed with high back, lumbar support and adjustable arms. Comfortable chairs with good support help to maintain good posture and prevents the user slouching which can put pressure on the discs and vertebrae of the back. Ergonomic monitor risers can be positioned at a comfortable height that ensures the user does not need to strain the neck or assume a bad posture in order to use the device comfortably. Ergonomically designed laptop stands will also have the additional purpose of placing the integrated keyboard at a level that allows the user to type without having to strain their wrists and risk repetitive strain injuries.

For more information about Penguin Office Supplies Ltd and to talk through their extensive range of ergonomic solutions for the workplace, please email or call 0345 22 22 444.

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