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Getting hot under the collar? Penguin can keep you cool this Summer!

Well hello Summer! 21st June is the official start of Summer and after a wet and cold May, we are ready for it.

With many of us still working from home in our make-shift offices – be that at the kitchen table, corner of the bedroom or for some, the garden shed. Can we really cope with another summer of working in this way?

If you are back in the office, you might realise that it is actually not the coolest place to be after all and are looking for something to take the heat off you.

Well, don’t worry the cool Penguin has got you covered. You see, us Penguins know how to keep cool and we are ready to share some of our tricks with you.

When is hot too hot in the office?

Working in a hot office environment is not great for your motivation or for being productive. But when is hot too hot? You might be surprised to know that there is no law for maximum working temperatures. However, according to HSE Gov employers must stick to health and safety at work law, including:

  • keeping the temperature at a comfortable level, sometimes known as thermal comfort
  • providing clean and fresh air

Products to keep you cool!

A fan can be helpful to increase air movement – just watch your paperwork otherwise it could get a bit messy! You can check out the range we have available HERE.

There are lots of options for stand-alone air conditioners that are suitable for different workspaces and sizes, have a look at what we have HERE >> and if you need some advice please give us a call  0345 22 22 444 and we will work out what is most suitable for your space.

Keep hydrated

Regardless of your activity level, water should be drunk regularly throughout the day to avoid dehydration in hot or humid weather. Water lowers your body temperature and replaces the fluid you lose through sweating.

Having cooled, filtered water on tap is one way to ensure you and your employees are getting enough water. This does not have to be something that you just have in the office, it can be extended to home workers too.

A stand-alone water cooler machine that provides you with consistent cool or cold water throughout the day to keep everyone hydrated is a great choice for the office or busy household.

You need water to use with the water cooler and we have just the thing HERE.

Providing jugs to fill with water and keep on desks reminds people to drink.

The taste of tap water can put people off so using a Brita water tap that can be plumbed into the existing water system is a great way to offer filtered water. And if that is not an option, old fashioned bottled water is a great alternative and you can find our full range of cold drinks HERE.

So, those are our tips for keeping you cool from the Penguin. Air flow and hydration will certainly help everyone to keep a cool head when working throughout the summer months.

Oh, and when you do venture out in the sun – don’t forget a hat and sun cream, like I did!

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